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Take a night walk through San Francisco if you prefer to be outdoors or away from sweaty crowds. San Francisco is a walking-friendly city, but be prepared to walk up and down many hills. You can explore just about any neighborhood on foot at night, and pop in and out of bars, taverns or clubs as you please. You do not have to worry about finding a place to park, and if you are too tired for the return trip, you can hop in a cab for a ride home. Walking is also a popular method for people-watching at night.


Dancing is the quintessential nightlife activity. It is both fun and healthy; dancing all night is a great way to burn off those extra calories from dinner. San Francisco offers plenty of dancing opportunities at various nightclubs located throughout the city. Rocker clubs, reggae nights and techno dance clubs can all be found throughout the city, as well as other styles of dance music. Dress is usually casual, through you will not feel out of place decked out in stylish apparel. All clubs are nonsmoking, so you do not need to worry about second-hand smoke health hazards.

Hit the Museum

In San Francisco, nightlife is not all about the clubs. Some museums get in on the action as well. Museums like the California Academy of Sciences or the Museum of Modern Art host frequent events at night with DJs, cocktails and mingling. These events are a popular alternative to bars and restaurants, and are typically attended by the young and hip crowd. Attending a museum at night provides both a social atmosphere as well as an educational opportunity, as the museum exhibits remain open during the night events. While you are at the museum, be sure to browse the various exhibits to educate yourself about different cultures, historical periods and works of art.

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